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  • Institutional and Organizations:

    Professional Development and Advising

    In today's global education environment, any classroom is a reflection of the world! Future/Study consultancy services give your organization or institution the opportunity to grow in understanding the cultural context of a rich global learning environment. We provide expert knowledge in global education philosophies, international grading systems, and classroom expectations to assist schools and organizations who have the world at their doorstep.


    In addition to the full suite of services below, Future/Study international education experts are available to collaborate with your organization and assist as you create policy or curriculum that will enhance the international education environment of your organization. Contact us to learn more or to discuss custom package options!



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    Cultural Learning Seminars


    Cultural Learning Seminars are designed for organizations which routinely have new students coming from various education systems. These seminars provide crucial information about the cultural influences on education systems around the world and provide a way of bridging the gap of understanding between educators and students (and their parents!). These seminars are customized to meet the needs of any organization or institution which enrolls students who have been educated for at least some of their learning career outside the United States.

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    Education System Seminars


    Education System Seminars are designed for organizations and institutions to enhance your staff's knowledge of global education trends, grading systems, and transcript format. These seminars are an ideal service for an institution or agency which may have experienced a recent increase in internationally educated individuals arriving in their programs, or have new staff members who are unfamiliar with the nuances of international education credentials. Each customized seminar provides an opportunity for participants to learn from and apply new skills in assessing various foreign transcripts and other documents. A quick-check education system reference document that has been created specifically for your organization can be provided with each seminar.

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    Staffed Credential Evaluation Advising

    Exclusively for institutions and organizations serving foreign-educated individuals and their families. Our staffed advising services are an affordable and efficient resource to provide your clients and students with a personalized opportunity to understand how their previous education and training fits into the U.S. educational environment. Whether individuals are seeking skill-appropriate employment or further education, our advisors will staff your agency or institution for a contracted number of hours per month with a skilled international education systems expert who will assist your foreign-educated clientele to break down the unnecessary barriers of an unknown credential equivalency, and navigate the education landscape in the United States

  • Evaluation Services

    Advisory evaluations of foreign academic credentials to accommodate the needs of schools, students, and employers. Our evaluation services provide fully researched reports of recognized educational experiences completed outside the United States. 


    General Evaluation

    Provides benchmark equivalency to the U.S. education system and includes an overall equivalent grade average


    Course by Course Evaluation

    Building on a general evaluation, this evaluation also provides course credit value equivalency and a cumulative grade point average


    Verification Evaluation

    Further expanding on the Course by Course Evaluation, Future/Study will provide verification of academic documents from the appropriate education authority.

  • Education Advising

    College/University Search

    Future-Study offers counseling and advising plans for your journey to and through your next learning experience. We work with a limited number of individuals each year who will be seeking admission to colleges and universities in the United States. We help develop a road map with students and families who are researching schools or other educational pathways, provide guidance with applications, prepare applicants for interviews, and assist families who are making final school choices. When choosing an advisor to help with the application process, it's important to establish a strong connection. Contact us to see if we are a good fit!

    Admission and Scholarship Essays

    Essays are often an important part of the application for educational experiences. Whether it is for admission or a scholarship program, your essay is an opportunity to present yourself authentically. We offer support and guidance as you craft your essays. Essay advising sessions can be part of a comprehensive college/university search package or purchased on an as needed basis.

  • About Us

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    Rebecca Murphy, Ed.D.

    Founder and Director

    Dr. Rebecca Murphy has an extensive professional and personal background in comparative education systems. Beginning with her experience as an exchange student while in high school, Rebecca has evaluated foreign academic and training credentials for over 30 years. In addition to serving as an education volunteer with the Peace Corps, and her study abroad experiences in Denmark and the Czech Republic, Rebecca has hosted students and scholars from all corners of the globe. She has worked as an international student admission officer at several universities and as a credential evaluator for various organizations. Rebecca holds a BA from Dickinson College in International Studies and Anthropology, an MA from La Salle University in Bilingual/Bicultural Studies, and earned an Ed.D. from Northeastern University in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. She is an active member of NAFSA: The Association of International Educators, TAICEP (The Association of Credential Evaluation Professionals), and COABE (Coalition for Adult Basic Education) and has presented at regional and international conferences.